Glass Furniture
April 4, 2018

Glass Murals

Glass murals are trending these days and are a favorite choice of today’s interior designers. Glass murals indeed look beautiful and play an important role in enhancing the overall look of your interiors.

Best part about glass murals is that these can be placed in various sections of your home or office space. Be it the main entry or the main hall or in the dining area or foyer or the office hall or in the bedroom, tastefully chosen glass murals to complement the space can uplift the aura of that space.

Glass murals are available in three dimensions as well and can be designed using the fusion glass, back painted glass, carving glass work or colour glass as the per specifications & requirements.

Some of the glass murals are also treated as antic piece of art and can reflect beautifully on your personality.

Neelam Glass Creation offers customized glass murals to suit your requirements.

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