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April 4, 2018
Glass Name Plates
April 4, 2018

Glass Wash Basin

Neelam Glass Creation offers tastefully designed collection of glass wash basin and mirror sets. Two types of wash basins are available, namely, One piece basin and Two piece set comprising of top and bowl.

Size specifications for one piece basin can be selected from 21” x 24” to 36”x 72” with glass thickness of 12mm, 15mm, & 17mm. The individual basin bowl size is available in 14 ½ x 14 ½, 16×16, 12×12, & 14 x 21 options with 12mm glass thickness.

The design and pattern of the glass wash basin and mirror set can be designed to complement the overall look & feel of the interiors. These beautifully designed glass wash basin and mirror set can be placed ergonomically to enhance the space adjacent to your dining area, kitchen area, and in bathrooms.

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