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April 4, 2018
Glass Furniture
April 4, 2018

Kitchen Glass

Glass is used very commonly in kitchens these days, and we are not referring to the cutlery or utensils used. Kitchen glass can be added to your kitchen to add a touch of creativity and liveliness to the whole space. The most common usage is to use designer kitchen glass as patterns across the kitchen wall. This is usually done along with the usual marble tile pattern.

Another creative usage is to add them to the cabinet doors, providing a quick glance on the stuff inside. This can be a beautiful space to keep your crockery. If you have a dedicated crockery cabinet in the kitchen then, this is the perfect opportunity to use kitchen glass. If you plan to have an in kitchen dining area then having a glass top for the dining table can also be a great idea. Another idea could be to use it on the service table.

Glass in various patterns or with back painting or with acid work can be used in kitchen. Kitchen glass is easy to maintain, clean and provides a look of liveliness to your kitchen.

We can customize kitchen glass solutions for you based on your requirement and design of the kitchen.

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