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Partition Glass

Glass is the perfect medium to create partition in spaces and yet keep the openness alive. Partition glass are available in many patterns and designs to add a touch of elegance with sophistication.

Visit our store to select the best option for your utility. Partition Glass can be used across your home and office spaces to create an effect of partition yet leverage the characteristics of glass and experience the openness.

Some examples of utilizing Partition glass in your office space:

  • Half Wall Glass Partition
  • Full Glass Partition
  • Glass Partition Cabins

Our experts can evaluate the space you have and share innovative ideas to utilize the partition glass more effectively.

Create more space with less by using the Glass Partition in your home:

  • Partition the Living Room & Bedroom
  • Partition the Drawing Room & Dining area
  • Partition the Bathing & Toilet
  • Partition Between Main Entrance & Drawing Room
  • Partition Between Drawing Room & Balcony
  • Partition between Kitchen & Dining Area.

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