Tempered Glass
April 4, 2018

Temple Glass Doors

Temple is the most sacred place for us Indians and it is very common to find beautifully designed sacred temple areas in most houses in our country. A new dimension can be added to the temple by using the Glass products. The most popular glass product used in home temples is glass doors which has now expanded to complete temple made out of glass.

Glass in itself carries a sense of delicacy combined with elegance and using glass doors done in transparent or semi-transparent work adds a fresh perspective to the whole space. Various patterns are now possible on glass doors using treatments such as Etching work, Grooving Work, Color Patterns, Cold Acid Crystal Work. It is also possible to add a religious symbol or deity’s picture on the glass area.

It is advisable to use toughened glass to ensure the product has a long life. Now a days, glass temples as huge as 6 to 8 ft can be developed but it should ensure that the glass thickness is minimum 10-12 mm.

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